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Grassroots Music Foundation
Grassroots Music Foundation wants to give credit where credit is due!  For those who have or had dedicate their lives to providing music to fans around the globe Grassroots Music Foundation will be petitioning for a dedicated MUSICIANS HOLIDAY!
Help Grassroots Music Foundation provide Music Camps for Kids.  We are currently seeking volunteers for instructors, providers, sponsors, outing locations.
2018 Fundraising Concert Tour to help raise money for projects and music based community organizations in need additional fundraising outlets.
The Grassroots Music Foundation takes pride in all that we stand for, and that requires a great staff of volunteers to help make our projects a success!  If you believe in what we are doing and help us move forward in changing lives, then please take a moment to tell us why you want to be a part of Grassroots Music Foundation.  We look forward to speaking with you.
We are currently looking for sponsors & Donations, whether its yearly donations, monthly donations, one time donations, or donations in kind (items to be used for fundraising efforts), we welcome your desire to help our projects succeed!
                            VOLUNTEERS & SPONSORS NEEDED
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Sometimes we want to make a difference but we just don't know the right way to contribute! Far to often people believe that the best way to give is by offering a cash donation, which is great, but sometimes, when that's not an option, people just set it aside when the pocketbook is on E. We have a better way for you to help.....by using your talents! We are looking for bands and artists willing to either participate in one of our upcoming concerts, or if you have a show that you would love to add to our roster, let us tell you how! It's a great way to build your fan base, get your music heard, do what you love, all while helping out a great National Charity